27, August 2015: Airwheel is a leading manufacturer of intelligent electric scooters which are the most popular mini vehicles in the past few years. The smart vehicles are completely driven by a maglev motor powered by a large-capacity li-ion battery in a smooth and quiet manner. It is very suitable for indoor and outdoor transport. For example, one can ride it into an elevator in the building, or ride it around in a big warehouse. The scooter can also be used in a big open place, including a playground, a golf course, or others. The first intelligent are almost unicycles which requires highly of people’s ability to keep balance. But it is quite a challenge for some people, especially those aged ones. Now Airwheel has come up with a perfect solution to it, the Airwheel two-wheeled electric S3 scooter.


The Airwheel S3 electric two-wheel scooter uses aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to maintain balance. Thanks to the 14 inch large tires, the scooter can almost stand itself as long as the rider holds the control shaft gently. The rider doesn’t have to tile sideways slightly to stay balanced any more, he or she just needs to lay hands on the control handle and try to keep the body straight and the scooter will do the job left to keep balance.


What a great news it is to those who want to have a convenient vehicle for a short distance but can’t stand on a unicycle! The S3 can reach a max speed of about 16km/h, almost 4 to 5 times human walking. S3 can hold a max load of 120kg, most riders need not worry about that they may crush the machine. With the new intelligent two-wheeled scooter, people can enjoy a fresh new experience of riding.

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