TULSA — Great Plains Storm Shelters is continuing their year-end sales event, offering $200 off of all safe rooms and $300 off of all storm shelters purchased by the end of February, 2014. Because the storm shelters and safe rooms on sale qualify for Oklahoma’s SoonerSafe Safe Room Rebate Program, Oklahoma homeowners have a potential opportunity of being awarded a $2000 rebate in addition to the immediate savings given by Great Plains.

Safety First

All the storm shelters manufactured by Great Plains Storm Shelters have undergone extensive debris impact testing at Texas Tech, passing with flying colors. Furthermore, all of the safe rooms and storm shelters from Great Plains Storm Shelters are built according to FEMA Publication 320/361 Guidelines and ICC/NSSA 500 Stands. Since all of the storm shelters meet these requirements, Oklahoma homeowners who are in need of a safe room or underground storm shelter will be able to save money on their purchase and are eligible for a storm shelter rebate, regardless of the specific type built for their home.


The SoonerSafe Safe Room Rebate Program was started in 2011 by Governor Mary Fallin. This popular storm shelter rebate program covers all of Oklahoma, offering all homeowners in the state the opportunity to receive rebates for their storm shelter purchases. The program works as a lottery-style drawing with 500 applicants being chosen every year. Applicants register online in order to apply for their chance to receive a rebate and are contacted by e-mail and given 30 days to decide if they will be purchasing a safe room or storm shelter that qualifies. It is not uncommon for applicants who have lost their homes in the previous year’s tornadoes to have their applications considered with higher priority. Funded by FEMA, the SoonerSafe Safe Room Rebate Program is administered by the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management. The program covers 75% of the price of a chosen applicant’s storm shelter, with a maximum rebate amount set at $2000. The rebates are only given for the price of a new installation and cannot be retroactively applied to an existing storm shelter or safe room.

Great Plains Storm Shelters considers the safety of your family as their number one priority. Because the process of determining which designs and materials are needed can be difficult and oftentimes confusing, Great Plains Storm Shelters prides themselves on simplifying the process by walking Oklahoma homeowners through all the necessary steps. In the event that they are unable to provide the appropriate storm shelter or safe room, Great Plains Storm Shelters further assists homeowners by pointing them to a company or manufacturer that can supply them with what they need. They manufacture the strongest shelters in the country and have no qualms comparing their products to those of other leading manufacturers. Storm Shelters are made out of 12ga steel and backed by a 20 year warranty to not float or leak while their safe rooms internal framework are built using 1/4″ steel throughout, the storm shelters and safe rooms manufactured by Great Plains Storm Shelters stand tall as the strongest and safest in the nation.

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