The Free Barcode Generator is a very handy tool especially for entrepreneurs, small business owners or retail store owners who deal with physical products. Barcodes are extremely helpful for stores and help in identifying a particular range of products with the help of a barcode. The accounting system becomes very efficient with the usage of barcodes including billing and payments. Barcodes are extremely helpful especially when products are being shipped to customers or clients within and outside the country. The best thing is that users can create their own barcodes as per their business requirements. It is very easy to download and install this tool. And it is equally simple to use it without the need of special training.

The tool is absolutely free of malware or hardware. The tool lets users create countless codes in the least amount of time. It also comes with user friendly features that can be used to customize the barcode data such as adding the title of the barcode depending upon the product, shipping details, etc. The barcodes can also be customized with various adjustment options such as selecting the font size of the barcode, font type, height and width, the degree of rotation and so on. These barcodes can be saved in the form of images and can be later used to print on various papers, stickers or envelopes as per the need of the users.

About Free Barcode Generator

Free Barcode Generator is a freeware that can be used by businesses who deal with product selling. The Barcode Generator offers unique codes as per the requirement of the users. The generated codes can be saved onto a folder as an image and can later be printed on different paper types and envelopes.

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