Shenzhen GreatMax Technologies, Co., Ltd, a global 10 enterprise battery supplier, was joining forces with the relevant public interest organizations to help the primary school in hometown by donating desks and chairs, books, building a new library and teacher dormitory, etc. The chairman Mr. Wu donated the total of 790 thousand yuan for hometown construction, all proceeds from the event would go towards the hometown charity institution which will build up the hometown better.

On the afternoon of Aug. 24, 2016, the charitable activity was officially held in Yanzhao village, Zhanjiang city, chairman Mr. Wu donated 790 thousand yuan in total. The villagers greeted with chairman Mr. Wu all the way, expressed their welcome and gratitude to chairman Mr. Wu and the fellow good-hearted people with warm applause, they truly felt the deeply passion of chairman Mr. Wu about hometown and the chlidren’s education. It is firmly believed that Yanzhao village will definitely develop better and better with each passing day, and the living standard will improve a lot under the common efforts of all parties. All the the company staff are also deeply touched by chairman Mr.Wu’s spirit of giving back to society, they are proud of being a member of Greatmax!

For the better construction of homeland, and in order to build a better learning environment and condition, provide a more comprehensive education for the village children, ShenZhen GreatMax chairman Mr. Wu, leading the company staff together to launch and finish public benefit activities in June this year, coordinated with the relevant public interest organizations to donate desks and chairs, books, build a new library and teacher dormitory, etc.

Hereon, GreatMax is particularly grateful to the contribution of Shenzhen Tsinghu Shanyuhui, the club of Zijing queen and the guider Ms. Liu and so on to Yanzhao primary school and Yanzhao village! Paying special thanks to the strongly support from county, town leaders and news media to this charity event.

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