We wish the sky is no longer gray, the street no longer congested and the air fresh forever. This requires you and me to commute in a low-carbon method and create our green new world.

We wish the sky is no longer gray, the street no longer congested and the air fresh forever. There has to be something to guide us to change the way we commute, live a low-carbon life and save the deteriorating environment. That is Airwheel self-balancing scooter.

Self-balancing unicycle, nature and our green footprint

In the face of a deteriorating environment, no one can shift the responsibility to our country. It is not enough for the country to make altxexeee improvements. As we live in the same world and environment, we need to make joint efforts to guarantee the blue sky. Low-carbon commuting is what we can do easily in our daily life. Airwheel electric self-balancing unicycle is powered by a magnetic levitation motor and imported SONY lithium battery. There is no need to fill up gas and in return no exhaust is emitted. It is called the best commuting vehicle.

The force of one person is finite but when more and more people join in riding intelligent scooters and acting as executors of low-carbon commuting, the environment of the city will be harmonious and natural.

Coolest riding trend

Young people are in constant pursuit of latest fashion. Airwheel occupies most of the market share in the industry of self-balancing scooter. It seeks high-technology, good quality and fashionable design. High technology and fashion design coexist in Airwheel products.

Airwheel intelligent one-wheeled scooter is designed on the basis of dynamic stability. The built-in gyroscope and intelligent chip detects the posture change of the unicycle. Then the intelligent chip, after a series of precise calculation, gives an order to the motor. The motor makes proper adjustments to keep balance of the system and helps rider control the unicycle smoothly by changing the center of gravity. The stylish way of commuting has set fashionable trends among the young generation and they become the coolest scenery on the streets.

Fine workmanship to guarantee our safety

Intelligent chips and upgraded debug system enables the agility of the system. An Airwheel unicycle responds to an order several times faster than an ordinary scooter.

Imported SONY lithium battery can be recharged for about 1800 times. Its battery lifespan is 3.8 times longer than an ordinary battery and it is 2.9 times safer and reliable than an ordinary one.

The panel mounted on the device is made of the newest aviation aluminum material and produced with special process. It is durable and artistic.

Let’s ride a unicycle to initiate an eco and low-carbon commuting style, and create a green new world.


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