GotGreenNotGreed LLC is proud to announce their crowdfunding campaign live on RocketHub

Mercersburg, Pa — Pollution is becoming an increasingly threatening issue. There are numerous reasons for different types of pollution with one of the leading causes being batteries, thousands of which are dumped on a weekly basis. Batteries contain harmful lead, cadmium & mercury, which permeate into ground water & soil through landfills & in the air when we burn them.

Considering this, Ed Heffner, President of GotGreenNotGreed LLC, & his team have come up with a new product “Next Generation Solar Window Candle” in an effort to help and motivate people to use solar power to lessen the burden on the environment while also saving energy by going green.

Reportedly, Next Generation Solar Window Candle is much more than its name suggests. Along with being a solar candle, it additionally provides power to five other optional modules making it useful not just for any particular member but for the whole family. It can be used as a night-light or for charging your Smartphone and even to time your events.

By purchasing the Next Generation Solar Powered Candle you will always have light and without the excessive use of batteries you will be doing your part to conserve energy

In addition to the standard model some new modules have been introduced these include an Alarm Clock Module,a Fire starter Module,a Light Module,an MP3/Radio Module,and a Security Module

Next Generation Solar Window Candles help people by helping the planet, lessening the burden on the environment by eliminating the use of batteries and by providing an all round home gadget accessory to meet every families needs.

To find out more about the Next Generation Solar Powered Candle and how you can order yours now before they are dispatched and sold on the Home Shoppers Network, go to the campaign at RocketHub(

Contact: Ed Hefner — President
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