The global electronic cigarette company, Green Smoke has been recently reviewed by ecigr. This Green Smoke Review features an overview of the US-based company as well as specifics on their starter kits. Green Smoke was founded in 2008 and stays true to the traditional appearance of tobacco cigarettes. After exploring the various options available from Green Smoke’s website, the review transitions into narrowing its scope on the Express Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit. ecigr. notes that this particular kit is conveniently priced to fit into the majority of electronic cigarette users’ budgets.

The Green Smoke review even details the packaging of the Express kit. The reviewer mentions how the box looks more like a pack of herbal supplements instead of an electronic cigarette. The actual assembled electronic cigarette appears very similar to that of a traditional tobacco cigarette giving former smokers the look they’re accustomed to. To charge the battery, it must be screwed into the USB adapter, which is then connected to a power source. After the battery is completely charged, user should be able to consistently vape for roughly 3-hours before needing an additional recharge. This is where an additional battery would come in handy.

Although preferences in flavour can vary, the review goes onto state that Green Smoke’s flavours are some of the best available. Various nicotine options are also available for those that desire to either lower or increase their intake. Vanilla is a highly recommended flavour with the vapour tasting oddly similar to that of vanilla soda. A generous 1-year warranty covers non-consumable electronic cigarette products purchased from Green Smoke. However, their warranty does not cover any unauthorized tampering of products. The Green Smoke reviews found on the website also mentions a 30-day money back guarantee that is limited to starter kits.

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