Strategic planting of fall coloring trees, shrubs and perennial plants will provide the fireworks of brilliant colors for gardens during the autumn season. Greenwood Nursery shares the best garden plants for fall color easily added to the gardening landscape.

Planting tips from Greenwood Nursery will have any yard or garden making the transition from summer to fall colorful. Choosing the right plants will add autumn color for months of enjoyment.

Summer to fall color plants include Japanese Red Maples, sourwood tree, red barberry, burning bush, Southern Comfort and Silver Scrolls Heuchera, Sunset Maple, Autumn Brilliance Fern, Leapfrog Heucherella, Pink Muhly Grass, Firepower Dwarf Nandina, Cheyenne Sky Panicum, Brigadoon Hypericum and Angelina Sedum.

“Fall is a gorgeous time of year and why not extend it into part of summer.” Notes Cheryl Jones, President of Greenwood Nursery, “Plants that remain colorful or provide wonderful transitional colors are the ones we encourage customers to invest in for their gardens and landscapes.” Jones adds, “Planting a few of these investment garden plants, such as a tree, shrubs, perennials and ground cover, throughout the area will prolong fall excitement. Some of our favorites are the colorful Japanese Red Maple, Sungold Cypress, Northwind Panicum, Sweet Tea Heucherella and Brigadoon Hypericum.”

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