Global Real Estate Listing Search (GRELIS) founder Tom Rapko has developed a specialized search engine that focuses exclusively on real estate. Rapko offers people a better way to search for property, via keywords.

Another day, another real estate website it seems like, but this time it’s different according to Global Real Estate Listing Search (GRELIS) founder Tom Rapko.

Rapko concedes this was an ambitious undertaking given the multitude of real estate websites already in existence. Traditionally, the real estate search process begins and ends on a local platform which may or many not have a global presence. Listings are typically restricted to a defied zip code and then “stove-piped” back to the originating website. GRELIS changes that paradigm using niche search technology.

“GRELIS is a completely different way to accurately search for exactly the type of properties a user would like, but perhaps never considered the true parameters of a global search, and the extremely cool types of possibilities that exist,” Rapko commented. “That’s where GRELIS works its magic; it scours the internet for real estate listings, aggregates their listing keywords into a massive database, and then links back to the actual listing provider in the context of a search result.”

Although search engines have been around for years, they have largely ignored the value of niche search. By using dynamic keyword search, GRELIS lets users enter virtually any keyword into the search field and the algorithm will hunt for matching property listings from around the world; castles, villas, beach houses, farms, ranches, private islands, airstrips, vineyards, equestrian sites, anything really, can all be found instantly!

“The GRELIS database is continually growing and, as chaos theory suggests, limitless. This of course makes GRELIS very addictive,” warns founder Tom Rapko. “GRELIS is a great destination to start an adventure. This platform offers literally millions of search possibilities from all over the world.”

With over 10,000,000 search results indexed in the first month alone, GRELIS sees exponential growth ahead as the platform is rolled out to the public for real world testing. Going forward Rapko hopes to ramp up hiring and improve the user experience via the quality of the search results in terms of their quantity, relevance, and speed of delivery.

Media Contact:
Thomas H. Rapko
Santa Barbara, CA
(617) 331-1784