The human body consists of 640 different muscles, research has indicated that a simple test of your grip can indicate the overall function and mass of your muscles. This article investigates this theory.

Grip strength and forearm strength for many is only a very small part of the bodies function and uncommon indicator of power and strength. According to scientists and paramedic research this is an area which we should not overlook.

Anyone who has had the unfortunate scenario of being carted away in an ambulance may recall having the paramedic ask for you to squeeze their hand or even a grip strength tester. This is because the amount of power your grip generates is a fast and effective way of measuring your overall muscle strength.

Depending on your age and gender you should be able to grip with a certain amount of resistance, paramedics use this scale as an indicator for the rest of your muscular systems function. For example a woman aged 30 - 34 should have an average grip of approximately 70 pounds. However by the age of around 80 a woman’s grip strength drops to an average of only 36 pounds.

So how can you improve grip strength?

While the demand of grip strength can vary depending on your profession, hobbies and daily activities there are ways to isolate your hands and forearms in order to improve just how tightly you can grasp on to something.

There are various affordable grip strengthening tools available such as hand grippers and stress balls. For anyone who wants to see faster results we recommend a hand grippers that offers a high level of resistance such as the Supreme Squeeze. These quality hand grippers also offer bonus training materials making them a great purchase for anyone new to training their hands and forearms

While using a simple grip test may have its flaws, in terms of a fast and easy test it is an effective way for paramedics to gain a better understanding of the physical conditions of their patients. Other case studies have also revealed that grip strength can be an indicating factor for heart health and also aid in stress relief.

When you consider these benefits along with the fact that you can purchase hand grippers for under $15USD we think they are a must have!