The machines, the modern-day technologies & continuous human intervention are proving out to be the most crucial threats to the nature. The recent miserable tragedy of landslide that happened in Malin village at Ambegaon bears a testimony to this fact. The Western ghat was never prone to landslides and the villages along the foothills were never under threat even during the rainy season. But, due to increasing construction sites everywhere, the region has become more prone to landslides and other natural disasters. IBN-Lokmat presents a ground zero report and expert views, on the reasons as to why Western Ghat has become a Landslide prone area, on its exclusive show Goshta Mothi Dongraevdi this Saturday, 9th of August, at 8:00 pm and repeat telecast on Sunday 10th of August at 12:00 noon and 9:30 pm.

Don & Rajpur were also the 2 high risk villages along with the Malin village in Ambegaon where the landslide shook the entire mankind. The usage of earthmoving machinery for creating terraces for cultivation, building roads and houses by breaking the hills, seem to be major reasons for the ecological imbalance in the region. For years now, terraces have been created even on hilly slopes; however, the entire process was manual. But now, due to the machinery being used for creating these terraces is damaging nature very badly. Earlier the western Ghat region was not so populated, now since it has become inhabited, the region has become ecologically sensitive affecting humans in various ways.

Human intervention now happens at a fairly extensive scale in the Western Ghats and that it is inevitable and out of control. But, whatever intervention takes place; it should be ensured that it is environmentally sustainable. Tune in to IBN-Lokmat this Saturday, 9th August at 8:00 pm and repeat telecast on Sunday, 10th of August, 12:00 noon and 9:30 pm to watch the expert views & overall scenario of the affected environment in Goshta Mothi Dongraevdi - An Exclusive ground zero report on Western Ghats region.