Forget what you knew about vacations. Lodging costs are a considerable portion of any vacation budget, and now you can completely eschew them while — at the same time — enjoying the space.

 and convenience of a real home, where you can feel less like a guest and more like a local. Guardian Home Exchange has thousands and thousands of accommodation offers, both in your own country and worldwide


What is a home swap vacation?


A home swap vacation is a whole new experience that consists in you exchanging your home with another member’s, so that you both benefit from free accommodation in your desired vacation location. There are numerous offers, with experienced swappers offering from studios and apartments in cities to beach villas or country cottages, all over the world.


Mark Sealey of Guardian Home Exchange says: 


"Guardian Home Exchange is great for anyone.  It’s ideal for families with children looking for the space and convenience that they won’t find in a hotel, independent travellers that want to get a real feel of the places they visit, seniors and expats looking to visit family and friends living overseas, people looking for weekend breaks or even longer term swaps. Many people first choose home swapping for the cost savings (and free accommodation is a big plus!) but often tell us that they get so much more from a home swap — it really is a rewarding way to travel."


Quote from members:


 “We enjoy all outdoorsy things - country walks, cycling, beaches and swimming, and also enjoy discovering interesting places. Although we are new to house swapping, we think it is a great idea, and promise to treat your house as our own.” Richard and Wendy (Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey England)


The key benefits of a home swap vacation:

-             no accommodation costs — no hotels means free lodging

-             you can take your pets with you, or arrange to have them kept happy while you’re away

-             the convenience of a real home means you can have your kids with you and feel comfortable, not like you’re just visiting

-             you can experience how people live, day by day, in another country

-             your experience will feel much more personal and meaningful, and less like a guided tour for tourists

-             you can even swap cars, making sure you have cheap available transportation


How to make sure you have a pleasant home swap vacation

1.            First of all, make sure to ask and answer any and all questions possible, to make sure both you and your swap partners know exactly what has been agreed.

2.            Prepare a welcome folder, containing all information regarding to your house and your surroundings, that your swap partners should know

3.            Take your time, don’t rush. Planning ahead always pays off and you’ll surely find your perfect swap if you contact multiple members.

4.            Have a neighbour or friend welcome your swap partners, and have them provide some contact information in case of emergency

5.            Keeping in touch throughout the experience ensures no worries and mutual trust

6.            Always be open to new ideas and destinations, as it will enrich your experience

7.            Enjoy your vacation!

Guardian home exchange is a really practical and interesting method of spending your holidays. Choosing a home swap vacation will make holidays a lot more interesting and fun and far less expensive.