Many times, when you want to have a vacation, your only option is a hotel, and the costs from room and board can be the deciding factor in the taking or postponing of said vacation.

Especially during peak months, hotel prices in many areas with great touristic appeal tend to be prohibitive, or at least much higher than what would be sensible to pay. Guardian Home Exchange has thousands of home exchange opportunities all around the world, in all manner of variety, from city apartments to country cottages or villas, mountain lodges, beach houses and everything you could possibly desire.


You may be wondering what a home exchange represents


Home exchanging is a system where you swap your home with another member’s home so that both you and your families get to experience a better vacation that also comes with free accommodation, both in your country and abroad, all over the world.


Mark Sealey of Guardian Home Exchange says:


"Guardian Home Exchange is great for anyone.  It’s ideal for families with children looking for the space and convenience that they won’t find in a hotel, independent travellers that want to get a real feel of the places they visit, seniors and expats looking to visit family and friends living overseas, people looking for weekend breaks or even longer term swaps. Many people first choose home swapping for the cost savings (and free accommodation is a big plus!) but often tell us that they get so much more from a home swap — it really is a rewarding way to travel."


Quote from members:


“Travel is a big part of what we do; who we are. We have also swapped houses and stayed in other people's homes on a very regular basis, which means we know how it works; we are also deeply respectful about the whole process.” Couple (London, England)


The main benefits of a home exchange:

-             no accommodation costs — that means more to spend on what really matters

-             neighbours can enhance the experience by providing additional local information

-             improved comfort, as you will have the space and convenience of a real home

-             meeting like-minded individuals from all across the world

-             you can even arrange to swap cars so you have a readily accessible form of transportation


Ways to insure your home exchange experience is a complete success


1.            Figure out exactly what you want, be very specific but also try to be as flexible as possible.

2.            Prepare a local guide for your exchange partners along with any details they may wish to know.

3.            Make a detailed list of things they have to be aware of during their stay.

4.            Provide phone numbers for some close friends who can be contacted in emergencies.

5.            You can give a friend a spare key and arrange for them to greet your exchange partners.

6.            Keep in touch with your counterparts, to make sure everything is going smoothly.

7.            Ask and answer any questions in order to make sure both you and your exchange partners know exactly what is being agreed upon.

8.            Most importantly, enjoy your holiday!

Guardian home exchange is the name of a website that helps you get in touch with people just like you — adventurous, fun loving and in love with travelling — so that both parties can have great vacations through home exchange.