Gutthi returns! -  at the BIG STAR Entertainment Awards; SRK fails to recognise him!




Guthhi aka Sunil Grover has become one of the most favorite television characters amongst audiences across the country with his witty humour and quick punches on a popular comedy show. After the character's exit from the show, audiences have been missing watching him on television, but not anymore - you will now get to enjoy his quirks at the 4th BIG Star Entertainment Awards on 31st December on Star Plus!



Everyone is so used to seeing him as a woman that when Sunil Grover took the stage at the 4th BIG Star Entertainment Awards as a co-host with Shreyas Talpade in a chic black tuxedo, nobody could recognise him! The talented actor was looking so suave and dapper while interacting with celebrities in the audience, that even Shahrukh Khan commented how he’s so not used to seeing him in men’s clothes, and couldn’t recognize him!



~ Dont miss the return of Gutthi at the 4th BIG Star Entertainment Awards 2013, 31st December at 8pm only on STAR PLUS! ~