August 27, 2013: Representatives with announced today that it has started two new special programs: A Business Recycling Program and Cash for Education Program.

“Guzu’s free nationwide pick up service provides your company with a comprehensive turnkey electronics recycling solution,” a Guzu company spokesman said in reference to its Business Recycling Program, which provides a place for people to sell an iPhone and other electronics.

The spokesman went on to explain that the company’s no-landfill policy will ensure that businesses’ partly used and end-of-life electronic equipment will be disposed of in a manner that is both cost effective and safe for the environment.

Guzu, which recently teamed up with SEO Pledge, a New York SEO company, serves small to mid-size businesses, state and local government agencies, non-profit organizations, educational institutions and every day citizens with solution for recycling their electronic waste.

When it comes to Guzu’s new Cash for Education program, the program was specifically designed to address the need for future generations becoming actively involved in helping the environment.

Through Guzu’s Cash for Education program, the company offers schools an opportunity to earn money while safely disposing of their unwanted electronics in a manner that protects the environment.

“By encouraging students, faculty and parents to recycle their unwanted electronics, schools can earn a 10 percent donation bonus based on the value of the items recycled,” the spokesman pointed out, before adding, “Each school will be given an assigned promo code to use on”

In addition to the online program, the spokesman noted, Guzu can co-host an e-waste recycling drive for the school and also provide IT disposal solutions for the school’s own electronic waste.

“Get paid for recycling old video games, cell phones, laptops, cameras, desktops, and all other electronics at,” the spokesman said.

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