H. J has just released a new video about the newest exercise plan for losing the fat from arms . This workout routine was developed a few years ago by a weight loss expert, Antonio Minalli, and HJ has only made the program a little better based on her experience with fat loss for women.

Antonio’s exercise program was based on a lot of repeats and were mostly for the arms, chest, shoulders and back muscles, but HJ realized that working the thighs and legs, simply burns a lot of fat from the upper body area, simply because the thigh area has a lot of muscles which need calories in order to function.

So, upon Antonios’s workout, HJ has introduced a few exercises for thighs and butt in her arm fat burning routine. Exercises like squats and lunges, are in HJ’s opinion of the same importance like bicep curls, pushups or tricep extensions.

Hj really likes Overhead Triceps Press exercises, as they stretch the skin, making it more elastic on the long run and Bench Dips, because even women that do not have a lot of strength to exercise their arms, can help themselves with their legs.

In fact, HJ thinks that along with working the thighs, doing Bench Dips on a regular basis is the easiest way for women to tone their arms, and get rid of the ugly arm fat faster than ever

Once she perfected Antonios workout plan for arms, with a few thigh exercises, HJ has given er arm workouts to a few women to test it, and all of them enjoyed the workouts, mainly because they were designed so that it could be easily be done at home, and the workouts take less than 25 minutes to be done.

Hj thinks that this workout alone burns close to 200 calories, and the after burn effect burns another 150 calories over the next few days, so combining this arm exercise plan with a low calorie but nutritious diet, can make weight loss for women really easy.

For all the women who are really interested in watching her video on youtube, and them watch her original plan for losing arm fat right after, this is the url to watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tc1RW3ae4rc

Is it a short watch and soon after having watched the video in the url above, to learn all the important aspects women must take into consideration, for losing arm fat, they can go ahead and do as told in the instructions of that video. This way HJ thinks that losing arm fat can easily be done.

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