H. J has just released a new video on arm workouts that burn at least 1 inch of fat from arms . Her new method is based on arm workouts combined with daily massages with a massage brush.

HJ knew that for losing arm fat there are 2 very important aspects women must take into consideration. The first one is that for losing arm fat, blood flow to the arm area must be increased, so for this reason she opted for trying to get a daily massage with a massage brush done on the arms.

The2nd thing she knew is the fact that arm fat can easily be burned by building new muscles in the arms. So, she created a few exercises tha are known to build up muscles, like pushups, bicep and tricep curls, but because she wanted to burn fat while at the same time build muscles, the workout routine she created had at least 15 repeats for each set.

Before, she started this new routine, HJ decided to test this program for losing arm fat faster on her cousin, Lisa, who was 38 years old, a little overweight, but with hugh arms.

So, for 30 days, Lisa massaged her arms 2 times daily for at least 10 minutes each time. This was a little painful as she said, but made all her efforts worthwhile.

At the same time, Lisa started exercising daily on her arms. The thing that made a hugh difference was the fact that HJ showed her about 20 exercises that burn arm fat, and this way, Lisa did a new workout each day for the arms. Only in the 6th day, she repeated the exercises that she did on the first day.

This was the key factor in Lisa losing 1 and half inches from her arms in her first month. Lisa made photos of her, and the results are so remarkable that over 20 women from Lisa’s office started to follow the same routine for getting rid of the fat from the arm area.

All the 20 women looked really focused on this routine and followed it intensly for 30 months with great results, and this was the reason why they all made their arms slimmer at the end of the 30 days struggle.

Hj video for losing arm fat is so intense that it is actualy the most complete one from YouTube, because she offers a lot of great info every woman can follow and get rid of the ugly fat from her arms.

For those who are motivated to losing arm fat and who really want a sure way to make their arms slimmer and lose at least one inch from their arms, this is the url of her new youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrxdbOmXTtU

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