H. Jameson has just created a new video about how to lose weight by eating foods with fewer calories

In her view, a person can lose weight, up to 40 pounds of fat without having to exercise on a weekly basis, as most of the weight loss programs require, just by eating more of the foods that burn fat.

Hj used to eat bread and cereals every day, and this was one reason why she used to be fat in her past. One day, while she was at the mall, she bought a oat bread, because she really loved it. She read the bread bag and realized that 100 grams of bread have 231 calories. Since this was about 3 slices, she immediately thought about the fact that she usually eats 4 slices per day, which is over 300 calories.

At the same time, in her bag there was a bag of frozen broccoli. She bought them because the antioxidants that are inside broccoli are great for old people and she wanted to cook something for her mother that evening. Since she realized that 800 grams of broccoli contain less than 300 calories, she realized that just by eating broccoli instead of bread she could reduce her calorie intake just about 400 calories each day. This was a sure way of losing weight fast and she even though and went a little deeper on the subject: she realized that by eating foods with fewer calories one woman can easily lose 40 pounds with no stress at all.

And when you eat 800 grams of broccoli you are full all day, so she decided to check everything she eats throught the day.

She used to eat mozzarella cheese on roasted eggplant with tomato sauce each day. Even though she used to eat over 100 grams of melted mozzarella with her eggplant, worth of over 230 calories, she decided to stop eating cheese, at least for a while. Another way of reducing calorie intake for losing 40 pounds.

Another meal that makes women full and is under 50 calories, would be 1 and halp cups of tossed salad without dressing. This is another great way to lose weight quickly and HJ realized that every waman can reduce their calorie intake with over 1000 calories per day, just by replacing bread, ceese, sweets or other foods with lots of calories with foods which are really low on calories, like broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes or other fresh vegetables.

This was a big step for her to become a weight loss expert, because she only speaks from experience. Her last video can be watched in this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FuBLzKGJME

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