La Mure, France - In 2006, Debra Dione, a native of Mozambique who now lives in France, had grown tired of trying to find quality hair products. Dione had modelled for French companies as well as internationally and knew the frustration of trying to find hair products that would look perfect over the course of a day. Since she was unable to find good quality hair products, she decided to create a definitive solution: human hair products that would allow models and others to keep their hairstyles looking fresh and perfect all day and would hold their shape as long as necessary.

The search for quality hair was not easy. Human hair products are made from several of types of hair, and finding the right hair for the products she wanted to create was not as simple as it might appear. Finally, Dione was able to locate a good source of high-quality hair and launched Hair by Debra in December 2006. From its start in her small French basement, Hair by Debra has grown into an international company supplying stylists all over the world with quality human hair products.

Stylists and hair designers began to contact Dione for hair to be used in salons. Dione created a "wonder team" of experienced stylists and product designers who understood how to evaluate hair to ensure the high quality. Hair by Debra also retained a marketing team to update the company's website, located at . Hair By Debra offers a wide range of hair types, including Malaysian hair, Indian hair, European hair and Brazilian hair. Her high-quality products are created with the most complete attention to detail in the industry, and the result is a hairpiece that can hold its style all day.

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About Hair By Debra:

Hair by Debra is a company dedicated to creating the perfect human hair solutions for any styling needs. With the highest quality in human hair products, Debra Dione and her team are able to offer stylists and individuals the right solutions for any hair type and style.

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