Green Butterfly Brands offers customers a chance to save on their Bark at the Moon treats with a Halloween sale

Celebrating Halloween with your dog can be fun and safe. Green Butterfly Brands acknowledges the safety concerns of dogs around candy on Halloween, and recommends that you buy your dog their own special spooky treat. To make it easy, they’ve announced that the Halloween sale on their Bark at the Moon treats has begun. All three treats will be on sale for 10% off your entire purchase this supernatural season. So, while you’re spending money on costumes for your kids and candy for the trick-or-treaters, you can save on healthy dog treats for your pup! “Here at Bark at the Moon, we are particularly concerned about dogs around Halloween time,” says Julia Stanton, Director of Marketing for Green Butterfly Brands. “There are so many elements, such as candy, the constant flow of strangers, and consistently opening and closing the front door, that could distress or endanger a dog. The best way to keep your dog safe is to distract them with a toy or treat, as well as take precautions like gating them in an area away from the chaos.”

Bark at the Moon provides dog-lovers with a safe and tasty way to treat furry friends. All their treats are grain-free, low fat, and great for dogs-on-a-diet. Their Turkey Treats are made of all-natural ingredients that you’d find in your own kitchen, like peas, carrots, honey and, of course, turkey. Bark at the Moon’s Chicken Jerky is a fan-favorite. Its single ingredient- chicken breast- is approved by the USDA as Grade A Chicken, and comes from chickens raised in the USA. Their latest release, Premium Salmon Treats, is proving to be a big hit. The Salmon treats are packed with natural nutrients, omega-3’s, and protein, and are freeze-dried to maintain freshness. All treats and ingredients are sourced and made in the USA, and the purchase of them comes with the promise that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to train service dogs for veterans.

Combined with trustworthy ingredients and many furry fans, Bark at the Moon has developed into a well-respected business. Their treats are an all-natural way to provide your dog with a healthy alternative to looking for candy or getting into trouble this spooktacular season. Check out the Bark at the Moon blog for more tips on how to keep your pup happy and safe this time of year! This Halloween, treat your dog for their tricks with Bark at the Moon, and treat your wallet with their 10% off sale by using promo code: BARKIN10 at checkout on Amazon.

About Green Butterfly Brands

Green Butterfly Brands is a family-run business committed to providing organic cat and dog snacks, made in USA. Bark at the Moon All-Natural Treats offers animal-lovers a healthy way to reward their pets for love and obedience. Bark at the Moon Natural Turkey Treats, Premium Chicken Jerky, and Wild-Caught Salmon Treats can be purchased on Amazon.

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