Los Angeles, CA: Halloween Music Lives is releasing an exciting collection of dance music that features all new remixed versions of Halloween music for parties. Traditionally, Halloween party music has been a predictable collection of old songs, scary sound effects, and morose organ melodies. HalloweenMusicLives.com plans to change all that. The website is focused on delivering exciting, danceable remixes that get people out on the dance floor. 

“The world needs a source for danceable Halloween music,” says Paul Ramos, creator of HalloweenMusicLives.com. “Halloween music is stale and in need of a new direction. It’s time to make scary music fun again.” 

Building a community portal that provides modern Halloween music is the goal of HalloweenMusicLives.com. Established in 2010 after getting approval from two separate publishers, the website released the first version of their electrifying music format. The public response exceeded expectations as music lovers were dying for something other than “Thriller” by Michael Jackson to play at parties. 

The website will be releasing 14 new remixes of classic Halloween songs when they drop the full album in early 2014. The collection will give a fresh, new twist to a genre that has admittedly been stuck in a rut for the past several years. Included in the upcoming album are the following selections: 

- Monster Mash Remixed 2014 (with celebrity DJ)
- Vampire Blues Remix
- Monsters Brew (it will kill u)
- My House is Haunted
- Vampire Curse the Two Step
- Black Death (da House)
- Rock Upon the Mic (on the 31st night)
- Season of the Witch Remix (pending approval) & more

Paul Ramos added, “We will be releasing ‘Mozzie the Dead’ this year as a sample of what is to come. It is a work in progress, but we are having lots of fun in the lab where we brew up the music.” 

The intention of these new releases is to liven up the Halloween dance scene and get people on the dance floor. In essence, the website acts as a compilation resource for people who want buy, share or mix dance music for Halloween events. This website offers an alternative to the dark, slow Gothic music and old standards such as “Ghostbusters” that have dominated the Halloween music scene for decades. The site’s other ambition is to build up a vibrant, 21st century slamming music festival dedicated to Halloween. 

HalloweenMusicLives.com offers a fresh concept that is long overdue. They are at the forefront of this new music frontier, and are sure to be recognized as one of the first real producers of next generation Halloween music. 

About Halloween Music Lives and the Disciple Brothers 

Halloweenmusiclives.com is a website that provides danceable music for Halloween events where the living dead along with all types of ghouls, goblins, monsters and vampires throw parties. HML encompasses all types of music from Country to World to Hip Hop music. Disciple Brothers Media is the parent company for HML and is part of the music publishing business and focused on niche markets, creating production scores and original music distribution. HML can be found on FacebookTwitter and YouTube

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