Electronic cigarette review website, eCig Vision has recently published their new Halo E-Cig review . Halo Cigs is a distributor of electronic cigarettes and accessories. Like many other electronic cigarette companies, Halo E-Cig does not have its root in traditional tobacco cigarette manufacturing but instead is hoping to capture its share of the exponentially growing electronic cigarette industry. Main writer and founder of eCig Vision, Laura Brandel, wrote the review on Halo e cigarette with the hope of providing both new and veteran electronic cigarette users with an understanding of what the company has to offer.

Brandel begins her review by exploring the electronic cigarette company as a whole, then more specifically the G6 Halo e-cig device. Halo E-Cig is a company that chose to leave behind the traditional looks of a tobacco cigarette in exchange for a modern touch. Their electronic cigarette batteries are offered in a variety of solid colors with their brand name printed encircling the cylinder. Brandel remarks that the G6 in Jet Black is a safe bet for the majority of users and that the entire device has a rather premium feel to it.

New electronic cigarette users are encouraged to consider the Halo Cigs G6 Starter Kit since it includes everything necessary to keep them vaping throughout a typical workday. A blue LED light completes the Halo Cigs device, which illuminates when in use. Buyers of their starter kit have their pick among many cartomizer flavors offered by Halo E-Cig. eCig Vision’s Halo e cig reviews concludes by mentioning the pros and cons of the Halo Cigs G6 Starter. Pros mentioned include a reasonable price point and the range of battery color options. Negatives or cons listed are less than sufficient vapor production and the lack of a zero nicotine option.

eCig Vision was founded in 2013 by Laura Brandel in her efforts to better inform the electronic cigarette community on various e-cig company’s offerings.

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