Rahul was born into a middle-class family based in Delhi. He idolized his father and always emulated him. Always surrounded by loving family and friends, he grew up to have a very friendly and cordial nature. An avid cricket and basketball player, he enjoyed attending social events too.

Never a teacher’s favourite at school, he had quite a fan following outside the classroom and more often than not would be seen mingling with a group of friends. To date, Rahul continues to follow in his father’s footsteps and this is especially true when it comes to work. Even as a middle school boy he had a hidden fire in him to prove his mettle to his father, and make him proud.

But even at that young age, he knew that only hard work and persistence will get him places. In a determined manner, after school, he used to accompany his father to work and observe his working style. Slowly but surely, the flame of ambition turned into a blazing fire-and Rahul was unstoppable!

At the tender age of 16 years, he started working in the catering business and worked quietly but tactfully and aggressively. A very keen observer and quick learner, he had the innate ability to quickly pick up business skills and strategies. After a short stint in the Merchant Navy in Bangkok, he returned to his roots and his true passion. Rahul spread his wings and forayed into the highly competitive sector of food and entertainment.

At 19 years of age, Rahul unveiled Lit-Ultrabar in Noida- this was his first lounge and the predecessor of many successful businesses to come. Today, the strapping 21-year-old Rahul is a confident entrepreneur who has been blazing trails in the food and hospitality scene in the capital city. He owns a marketing & sales startup and with his latest venture- TIRO Hospitality has taken a giant leap forward.

Money is just a by-product for him and his one impetus in life is self-satisfaction. His business mantra is to make his business relevant to the youth of today in every-which-way possible. His strength, his charisma and his passion for work and life is what makes him a YOUTH ICON in the true sense of the word. http://tirohospitality.com/