Australia: 30, June 2015: Ever since the company first started trading in 1923, Charles Rose has been one of Australia’s premier fine jewellery designers. Focusing on diamonds has meant the business has grown exponentially. Sales have increased even further during the last couple of years. They now offer a made-to-order expert service that is proving popular with buyers from all levels of society. Sure, they make some very expensive luxurious products. However, they also offer budget ranges for those with smaller budgets. That has helped to contribute towards their recent boost in success.

Charles Rose diamonds go through a strict selection process before being used in any jewellery items. They use an expert team of diamantaires to ensure high-quality throughout all their products. Unlike some of their competitors, the company never lets a less than perfect diamond leave the premises. That is why many of their customers feel they get the best deal when shopping with this brand. All the items produced are to the highest of standards, and they are made to last.

Clarity is important when it comes to dealing with diamonds. For that reason, Charles Rose only sell rocks that have a clarity lower than H. On top of that; customers won’t find any colour enhanced diamonds in stock either. Anyone who has trouble understanding that information should take a look at the company’s website. There is a guide on there that explains all the basics of size and clarity ratings.

With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Charles Rose is sure to progress even further during the next couple of years. Their innovative yet traditional approach to jewellery design stands out within the industry. All too often we see designers who are more interested in making a profit than producing fine products. That is not something experienced by customers when doing business with this brand. Just take a look at some of the reviews and testimonials from previous buyers. That is a good idea if you want to feel more confident about parting with your hard earned cash.

Anyone who would like to get in touch with the team at Charles Rose to discuss their products can use the link at the top of this page. Otherwise, you can use the contact information we’ll publish below this paragraph. Everyone working at the company looks forward to hearing from potential customers. They will always make time to set the record straight. Whether you need advice or you want to discuss a custom ring design, do not hesitate.

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