London, England; 01, October 2016: Hanover Merchant Capital, announces their parent company HMC Holding Aktiengesellschaft (AG) move to new offices in Zurich, Switzerland. The announcement of the new office address within the group will coordinate efforts to provide further strategic direction in terms of developments, projects and support for a wide range of global initiatives. The establishment of the new office location reflects the company’s ongoing focus to develop and expand opportunities allocating resources to areas of asset growth for expansion.

Our corporate goals are to support clients while maintaining and remaining globally competitive. Economic, social and political factors are putting more competitive pressure on global companies, and internationally, therefore its critical for businesses to be competitive for clients and themselves. Switzerland provides a reliable and reputable jurisdiction for companies in particular an Aktiengesellschaft or AG company which is the most frequently found legal form in Switzerland (approx. 175,000) as this offers investors added oversight and supervision in terms of capital regulations and tax. The Swiss Corporate Tax Reform II adopted by parliament confirmed through popular vote was admitted In 2009 also looks to reduce previous burdens and has possible advantages to businesses operating within the jurisdiction.

With auditing and management reporting all Aktiengesellschaft‘s (AG) are obligated to have an auditing agency. These have to be submitted via a written report to the general meeting of shareholders and occurs annually. The auditing procedure presupposes an ordinary audit for larger AGs (and GmbHs) which have exceeded two or three limits either balance sheet total of CHF 10 million; turnover, CHF 20 million or 50 and more full-time positions in two successive years. All other companies go through a limited audit.

Every Aktiengesellschaft or AG also have to prepare a compulsory management report and this has to include the annual report and annual accounts. The annual accounts include the profit and loss account, the balance sheet and any possible annexes with additional information, which have to meet the legal minimum requirements.

This announcement is to benefit Hanover Merchant Capital shareholders and investors as we move towards expanding our property developments and property investments encompassing our African interests for our organizational structures and business framework for continued growth.

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