Here is good news for those who want to kick the smoking and drugs habit as a new medicine claims to help smokers overcome their addiction.  At the launch event Dr. Hashmi, CEO Hashmi Herbal said “Unique drug researched and developed by Hashmi Herbal helps people to overcome from drug, alcohol, smoking addiction”.  Unlike Other drug cessation medication that works only on controlling the withdrawal symptoms, Hashmi Herbal introduce drug addition product that reduces withdrawal symptoms and sense of satisfaction derived from drugs.


Briefing the use of drug medicine on a person’s habit, Dr. Hashmi says, “When the binding of nicotine to receptors is blocked by Varenicline, nicotine is unable to activate these receptors and cannot stimulate the release of dopamine – which produces the sense of satisfaction or pleasure and motivation in smokers. Hence it reduces both the craving to smoke and dependence on smoking to feel good.” As in the same way works for social drinkers


According to a survey conducted by Hashmi Herbal in northern part of India alone, 5500 youths succumb to tobacco or alcohol addiction daily. The total mortality (males and females) due to cancer in India is estimated to reach 6,66,563 by 2015, it says. While the tobacco use increases rapidly, studies indicate that by the year 2025, the overall increase in tobacco-related cancer deaths is expected to be 220 per cent when compared to those caused by other diseases.” Considering the deaths this (smoking) deadly habit cause in and outside the country, the drug will surely act as a miracle,” he added


Hashmi Herbal is also promoting a virtual group and toll free helpline to assist addicts. Virtual group has been designed to helps smokers in giving up their addiction, It act as a support system for addicted to quit drugs,” says Mr. Singh, Director, Hashmi Herbal.


The company has also started a helpline to aid druggist cessation says Mr Singh . While survey establish that environmental smoke and lack of awareness regarding the health hazards of tobacco are the main factors leading to an increasing inclination among youth towards smoking. Most youth are exposed to tobacco smoke at an early age due to a family member who smokes.


A medicine can be of help but not the only solution. To quit drug addition one has to make their will power strong and can take a helps of Psychologist to determine the severity of people mind status.