August 27, 2013: Representative with Hatsize announced today that it has released case studies detailing how its software solutions has sped up sales cycles for its customers. 

Hatsize, the leading cloud-based training lab provider for software and hardware products, which recently teamed up with SEO Pledge, a New York SEO company, has helped companies such as Juniper Networks, Oracle, Tivoli, and more benefit from its products and solutions. 

Jeffrey Ries, a spokesman for Juniper Networks, which designs and sells high-performance Internet Protocol network products and services, said by utilizing Hatsize’s products, the company was able to shorten the sales cycle by providing its partners with hands-on access to new products. 

Hatsize has delivered more than 2 million hours of cloud-based training labs for software and hardware products worldwide. 

“We save at least $10 million a year on equipment using virtual labs,” said Ed Baker of Oracle (Sun), which specializes in developing and marketing computer hardware systems and enterprise software products. 

Conrad Ogletree of DJM explained that the most important factors that his company has experienced with using Hatsize cloud-enabled automated sessions, is the ability to close the deal. 

“We are able to build a relationship with the prospect, show our product and how to implement the product,” Ogletree stressed, before adding, “Using Hatsize, we close deals one to five months faster and SEs spend 70 percent fewer hours per deal.” 

Art Lewandowski, a spokesman for Tivoli Software, the Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure brand of the IBM Software Group, which provides organizations with the visibility, control, and automation needed to deliver quality services, manage risk and compliance, and accelerate business growth, also reported positive results after implementing Hatsize’s products. 

“Giving partners the capability to test software products as a live tool is a big benefit for us,” Lewandowski said. 

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