The UK’s leading provider of managed freight exchange services, Haulage Exchange reminds haulage companies to keep their feet on the ground and focus more on providing an excellent service, than on taking more loads than they can cope with. The announcement came in the wake of a recent spate of potentially preventable road accidents involving lorries.

Haulage Exchange pointed out that running a successful haulage company is, for a large part, about ensuring operational safety. Such safety, in turn, consists of a well-trained, disciplined driver and a well-maintained vehicle. Driver and vehicle fitness are of maximum importance as it is these two entities that represent the company on the road every single day of operation. Their performance, standard of service, punctuality and the way the haulier drives are major elements that can make or break a haulage company. There is no use in getting all those loads if the whole outfit’s reputation and profitability are wiped out by a single hapless accident.

Well-maintained vehicles, whether it is a fleet of dozens of lorries or just one delivery van, reflects on the standard of service offered by the business owner. For one, while it is good to work hard towards consistently acquiring a high volume of loads, it is equally, if not more important to ensure that the haulage company can actually deliver on its claims. Failure to meet the customer’s expectations and even worse disappointing them, may jeopardise repeat business and tarnish a reputation. On the practical side, ensuring proper maintenance of the fleet is not actually an expense, but a wise investment, as it can save fuel, money and further maintenance costs in the long run.

Having served and worked with thousands of haulage companies throughout its ten plus years of existence, Haulage Exchange knows the elements of success for any company in the industry. It is currently one of the UK’s largest, busiest and most trusted freight exchange service providers.

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A major part of the renowned Transport Exchange Group, Haulage Exchange has more than four thousand five hundred active users enjoying the advantages of increased amounts of loads. For more information about the company, visit its website at .

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