Haulage Exchange, a major online platform for haulers and their customers, congratulates Maple Fleet Services, the recipient of this year’s Motor Transport Award for Innovation, for its safety-enhancing device called ‘SafeConnect’. With the device, haulers can fully honour the terms of their haulage contracts without fearing that a cargo-related accident occurs to take it all away. Accidents involving lorries losing their cargo or crashing due to the inadvertent release of trailer brakes during coupling with the cab are fairly common, causing not only damage to property but also loss of innocent lives. ‘SafeConnect’ won the award for its simple, yet incredibly effective design. 

The award-winning device, called ‘SafeConnect’, was invented by engineer Robert Tonge, who got the idea after witnessing a runaway trailer crashing through a diner, who worked in partnership with security devices manufacturer Maple Fleet Services. ‘SafeConnect’ was invented as a measure to prevent rollaway or crushing accidents. It uses a pneumatic valve under the trailer that blocks the inflow of air, therefore ensuring that even while the driver is away from the vehicle, both the tractor and the trailer cannot move during the coupling process, thereby preventing devastating accidents. What is more, the device itself is inexpensive with the average price around £250, yet it is very durable and can be used for a long time without suffering from reduced reliability. It also takes only about thirty minutes to install. Haulers that install the device in their fleet can be sure that they will be able to fulfil the terms of their haulage contracts

Widely considered as the ‘Oscars’ of the transport industry, the Motor Transport Awards is a highly respected award-giving body that grants stellar recognition of the achievements of organisations or companies within the industry. As the proud sponsor for the Innovation category, Haulage Exchange demonstrates its commitment to making significant positive contributions to the haulage industry. With more than a decade of operation and experience in helping haulers not only fulfil the terms of their haulage contracts, but also to serve as a genuine connection between haulers and clients, Haulage Exchange is currently among the UK’s most important freight exchanges. 

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