Haulage Exchange urges haulers including those that are not active users of its online freight exchange services, to always fully implement best practice, even in the smallest details of a hauler’s operation. The company emphasises that such dedication to working in only the most efficient and safe way to perform business can ensure enduring customer loyalty and can also significantly help haulers to gain more profitable haulage contracts. 

Among the areas where haulers can ensure that they are implementing best practice is in the finance department i.e. ensuring a healthy cash flow. Haulage Exchange says that there are currently a number of nifty tools that haulers can use to track their cash flow, allowing them to closely monitor their debits, bank exchanges and cheques. Some tracking systems also allow the user to use the data from the past several months as a mean to ‘guess-timate’ projected earnings and growth for the succeeding year. Tracking the company’s cash flow essentially enables the hauler to ‘see the big picture’ and empower them enough to win more profitable haulage contracts

Another important area that haulers must take care of is keeping their fleet in perfect condition. Servicing the fleet and maintaining it to its highest potential capabilities requires accuracy, commitment and dedication to customer satisfaction. Any self-respecting hauler knows that they must stay on top of checking their fleet in order to avoid vehicle breakdowns. By keeping the fleet in good condition, a haulage company can ensure consistent reliability of its services. Haulers must closely track each of the vehicles in the fleet and keep important information in a database, so that they will always know when a vehicle’s road tax is expiring or when it needs its oil changed. 

Haulage Exchange is one of the UK’s busiest and largest independent freight exchange systems. With about five thousand active users, the company has seen and knows what works well in the haulage industry and what can win more profitable haulage contracts. 

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A major part of the renowned Transport Exchange Group, Haulage Exchange has more than four thousand five hundred active users enjoying the advantages of more reliable haulage contracts. For more information about the company, visit its website at http://www.haulageexchange.co.uk . 

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