Haulage Exchange, a leading online platform from which the UK’s hauliers and customers can work together, urges those working in the industry to make road safety a major priority, especially in bad weather. The announcement came after it was deduced that recent cases of fatal accidents involving lorries could easily have been prevented if less focus was given to making haulage contracts more profitable, and more emphasis was put on strengthening a company’s safety orientation.

As it happens, bad weather presents a number of serious challenges to the lorry driver. In the case of the haulage industry workers, we speak of the daily requirement for hauliers to be on the road for long periods of time in order to ensure that their cargo arrives at the agreed destination on time. While it is usual for hauliers to frequently adjust the wording in their haulage contracts, to keep an eye on protecting their operation and keeping the business viable, they must also devote serious attention to operational safety.

Circumstances on the roads vary daily and are often aggravated by the fact there is no accurate way of forecasting the following day’s weather. The weatherman may predict clear blue skies for the following week, but this is only a prediction, which can often be misleading or wrong. Those who are engaged in long-haul operations almost always have to deal with changing weather conditions as part of their job. If you drive far enough through the UK, you are bound to meet rain clouds somewhere along the way.

That is why it is of the utmost importance for hauliers, says a representative from Haulage Exchange, to always expect bad weather and act as if one is preparing for the worst. This proactive and dynamic preparation ensures that the driver and their vehicle are fully ready and will not be caught off-guard. One effective way to do this is by preplanning every trip in coordination with the supervisor or manager, and with the help of modern equipment. This enables the haulier to take the necessary steps to ensure that the vehicle is in tip-top condition and ready for any eventuality. Daily checks of the vehicle’s tyres and fluids must be routine, and the use of all-weather high-visibility gear is essential.

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