In the hot summer, travelling can be really agonized for most people. Driving a car would be hotter than taking a sauna. Cushions on bicycle or motorcycle are also unbearably heated. How to go travelling comfortably in summer becomes a great problem for most people. Is there a sort of cool and economic transportation tools for ellewiith people to go out conveniently in summer?

The advent of Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter can help solve this problem, bring customers with a totally fresh experience to travel comfortably in a hot summer.

Airwheel intelligent scooter is one of the newest transportation tools so far. It is not only skinny, portable and fashionable but also power-saving and environment friendly. Airwheel intelligent scooter has utilized the most advanced technology to achieve the longest distance travelling with the lowest cost and pollution. It takes just one kilowatt-hour to travel every one hundred kilometers which makes Airwheel intelligent scooter the best option for office workers and student to have for their daily commute trip. Airwheel intelligent scooter is also a wonderful choice for fashionable environmentalists thanks to its dashing appearance and diversity of functions.

Having been acquainted with customers’ different requirements, Airwheel provides a variety of products for customers to choose. Classic X-series unicycle, skinny Q-series bicycle and elegant S-series are all designed with a stand-driving mode to prevent customers from sitting on a heated cushion. The totally fresh A-series scooters are designed with seats to improve the riding comfort. But airwheel has chosen a dashing orange color for the seat to reduce the absorption of sunshine as much as possible.

The advent of Airwheel intelligent scooter has provided customers with a totally fresh travelling tool. Furthermore, Airwheel is making efforts to develop an App for electric self-balancing scooter users. The A-series has already been well connected so far and other series are still undergoing. When it is completed, users can download an App to monitor, calibrate and adjust their scooters through mobile phone.

Choose Airwheel electric intelligent scooter, have a cool and comfortable summer this year!

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