19, August 2015: These years there has been a new popular vehicle called intelligent self-balancing. It’s like the original scooter, a tool for kids. But now it’s added with a battery so you don’t have to stop from time to time when riding a scooter, because electricity from the battery will provide constant energy for the scooter to keep running. The electric scooter now is a convenient transport better than a bike.


Airwheel is a great brand of intelligent self-balancing scooter manufacturer. The Airwheel intelligent scooter is a transport which adopts aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to maintain balance. You can lean your body forward or backward to go forward, accelerate, decelerate, and brake, etc. And you can turn the scooter right or left by move the center of your body a little to the right of left. It’s very similar to the techniques of riding a bike.


Riding an intelligent self-balancing scooter is fun, but it’s best to have fun with safety. So before you get started, you must remember something important. When standing on a scooter, you will be 10-30cm taller, so watch out when you go through a regular door. When comes to a slope with an angle over 15, be careful the scooter may fall over. And also look out for the bumpy roads and staircases. When you decide to have fun ridding a scooter, it’s strongly recommended to wear comfortable sportswear and sneakers. Then warm up your body and keep your body relaxed. Also if you are not practiced yet, please equip yourself with knee and ankle pads and put on a helmet and gloves. When all these are done, carry your Airwheel intelligent scooter to an open space with a flat road without too many obstructions. Then you can play the scooter in whatever way you want.

So are you ready? Get fully prepared and have fun riding an Airwheel scooter.

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