People can have great fun by creating funny memes but they can have greater fun if they share them over the Net with their family members and friends. The Free Meme Generator may be of help to these people. This tool can generate a number of memes in a simple manner. Memes in general contain appropriate captions for the pictures and with the help of the Free Meme Generator, pictures and captions can be correlated without any issues, point out the reviewers of this software.

They further point out that the app comes free of cost and with no hidden charges. Users have a lot of options so that they can customize the images, texts and the overall appearance, say the reviewers. Just carrying out a simple process of installation is enough for making use of these options. Users should have a device that has the Windows Operating System for installing the Free Meme Generator. Reviewers add that the tool is clean and without any malware or adware. Therefore, users need not be afraid that the speed of their devices will be affected.

After initiating the tool, users should browse the Net for the folders that contain pictures and select them. Once the images are uploaded, they can optimize them by changing the backgrounds or their colors as well as their sizes. They can then type the captions for the photos.

Reviewers further point out that the tool has many fonts and styles and so, users can choose from them for placing them in the appropriate positions as per their liking. If users want to have a border, it can also be added just by making a few clicks. The best benefit is that all the created images are stored in the Free Meme Generator in JPEG format and hence, users can retrieve and use them later. Users can share the images on the social networking sites also. They need not possess any technical prowess to use this tool and hence, it can be a fun app for everyone.

About The Free Meme Generator
The Free Meme Generator can generate funny memes and help users share them over the Internet with family members and friends. It can easily generate a large number of memes. With the help of this tool, pictures and captions can be correlated without any problems.

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