(Free Press Release) HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow)-Finding a rental in Hawaii that is pet-friendly can be a long and frustrating process. But the Hawaii Humane Society has just added a new community web site that can help pet lovers and property managers find each other. That is important with the limited number of pet-friendly on the market.
Many potential renters become frustrated with the lack of pet-friendly choices and have gone directly to licensed property managers in hopes of increasing their chances of find a home.  But even property mangers face problems of finding at pet friendly place.
"Right now, I have two pet friendly units, this one and another in Ewa Beach, so it is very limited even if I have eight different rentals available,"says Lurline Johnson of Property Profiles.
So to help both property managers,owners and pet loving renters to come together the Hawaiian Humane Society has new tool that is looking to change the landscape of the pet-friendly rental market.
"The big thing for us is we just launched our new pet friendly rentals web site,and it is hosted by the Humane Society but it is a community based web site so anyone who has a pet friendly rental can know they have a safe and secure place where they can post their rental ad," says Vanessa Golding-Fox the Hawaiian Humane Society.
The web site also has forms the pet owners can submit to landlord, like a pet addendum to your rental agreement. Or you can create a "pet resume" which list all the important information for vaccinations to contact information and references.
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