USA - The Federal Trade Commission in its attempt to rule out deceptive weight loss claims has convicted HCG Diet Direct Drops of promoting fake weight loss ads , viz, liquid homeopathic drops. A part of Operation Failed Resolution, this step on the part of the FTC has led to HCG pulling out its stock of false claims with respect to such products from the market.

The growing concerns over obesity has proven to be a thriving ground for a number of companies selling false weight loss products promising a well toned, fit body within a matter of weeks. One such company is the Arizona-based HCG Diet run by Clint Ethington, the director of the company. The company has been marketing liquid homeopathic drops under the tag of HCG Drops Direct with the false promise of substantial weight loss.

HCG Diet Direct had been selling the diluted form of the human chorionic gonadotropin, found in the human placenta, claiming it to be a supplement for weight loss for quite a while now. The company had received cautionary alerts from the FDA and FTC when substantial scientific evidence was not found for their claims on November 2011. The cautionary alert was directed to six other companies as well. Following this cautionary alert, HCG Direct has entered into a pact with the FTC that restricts them from propagating such false claims.

The products propagated by HCGDropsDirect claimed that considerable weight loss was possible if one could place a prescribed amount of the homeopathic solution under the tongue before meal. They claimed that intake of a low calorie diet along with this would make anybody lose up to a pound per day. Not only was this claim found to be false, but the company had also publicized the fact that the product was FAD approved when it was not. The company has made around $3.2 million by charging roughly $35 for a supply of 7 days and $200 for 40 days. Based on this information, a $3.2 million judgement has been imposed on HCG Drops Direct which they haven’t been able to meet with citing financial incompetency as the reason.

According to the pact between HCG Direct and FTC, the former has been restricted from promoting any kind of weight loss supplement, unless they can present substantial evidence for the same. They have also been barred from misleading people about any form of health supplement, claiming it to be FDA approved when it is not. However there are some Companies which sell genuine HCG drops, you can check their rankings on hcgdropsexplained

About HCG Diet Direct

Run by Clint Ethington, HCG Diet Direct deals with the manufacture and supply of weight loss products in the form of liquid homeopathic drops. Based in Arizona, this company has come up with three homeopathic drops, viz, HCG Complex, HCG 1234 and HCG Amino Plus.