Of course there are truths about health and fitness, but not all "lies" are actually untrue. Each person's body reacts differently to exercise. It is not always true for all people. Everyone should deal with information and question truths on a case by case basis. You never know what may be uncovered by doing some research, so ideally you should take the time to research and learn. Here is some solidly researched information about health and fitness, and what is true and maybe... less than true.

You've probably heard that swimming is good for losing weight. This is a fallacy. Swimming has many benefits but losing pounds isn't one of them. The simple reason for that has to do with the buoyancy of water. When you swim, the water supports your weight, and that means you will not be working as hard as you would be if you were jogging or running long distance. One myth that needs to be squashed now is that you have to work out hard to gain benefit from your exercise routine, this is not true, even simple exercise can give you big benefits. But the experience and wisdom of many states that you won't know that until much later. You will find out the next day and possibly peaking the day after that. What this describes is someone who's been inactive for a while and decides they need to hit the gym with gusto to get fit in a hurry, they often feel sore and give up shortly after. To avoid the above situation take it slow, don't rush yourself and above all else consult your doctor first.

The mental horse power you'll gain from your exercise routine is undisputable. In other words, working out helps to make your brain more powerful and operate at a higher level of performance.

Research has shown that regular exercise has a great effect on blood circulation. There is much research available that proves circulation will improve serotonin levels in the brain as well. Mental acuity is a proven benefit of increased serotonin levels in the brain. We find this increased mental acuity intriguing.

It is well worth it to learn as much as possible concerning what is true or not in health and fitness. Whether or not you realize it this is important. You're making the extra effort to exercise, be sure you know how to do it right. This way you get the optimal benefit to your exercise program.

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