In a new article published on, Ellis discusses the facts about health care reform and its impact on 2015 tax returns being filed in 2016.

Oct 6, 2015 — Health care reform, a hot topic since the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, is the subject of a new article published by Traverse City Tax Preparation Examiner Frank Ellis. The nationwide health care plan comes under different names, according to the author. It is intended to provide reasonably priced health care for most U.S. citizens.

Frank Ellis provides information to taxpayers who may be uncertain about the new law. The various details provided help one understand if their situation will change. First, he explains that all citizens must have insurance at the start of 2014. Those who are insured or fall under a couple of exceptions are not affected, the author says in more detail.

The Health Insurance Marketplace is also explained. It allows for plan comparisons. Ellis reveals until when people have to purchase through this online system, and the potential for a tax fine should they not get insured. In addition, he discusses how someone might qualify for monetary support to pay for their insurance. This comes in the form of a tax credit which is further explained.

The author also discusses how TurboTax online software is tuned to the latest health care regulation. With this in mind, it provides the tools to file income taxes properly. In addition, the TurboTax Answer Xchange is provided as a link to obtain answers about individual healthcare questions.

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