Based in California, Health Connexxtions is the renowned organiser of health and fitness events for employees in the corporate sector.

Irvine, CA (December 18, 2015) - Regularly hired by companies from all over America, it has recently partnered with a number of well known health agencies to enable it to widen its reach and allow everyone in the United States access its high quality services. Dedicated to improving workplace health, the company offers a number of events and packages for agencies looking to bring up their output and give their employees the best care possible. As sedentary work is the main form of employment for a corporate worker, the health issues that accompany it, such as weight gain from the lack of exercise, spine and bone problems from bad posture along with blood pressure and cardio-vascular diseases are all distressingly common. Stress and anxiety can be found in equal amounts, all of these culminating in a negative and low performing workplace.

To this end, Health Connexxtions holds corporation health fairs, health screenings, and wellness retreats, all of which provide unlimited advantages for the workplace and its members. Skilled and highly experienced medical experts both run and analyse the events, using their judgement to provide solutions uniquely suited to help the company bring up its productivity and the employees manage their fitness. Health Fairs and screenings provide booths with information and medical professionals such as masseuses and chiropractors ready to advise and assist employees to their utmost capacity.

Health Connexxtions has so far held Wellness Expos Long Beach, CA, Wellness Fairs Los Angeles and a number of Onsite Employee Health Fairs CA. Retreats are held in mountainous or seaside locations, with activities such as spa treatments, meditation, workshops on stress relief and Pilates, team building and breathing exercises, massages, life coaching and nutritional counselling.

Health Connexxtions is the highly regarded provider of fitness and healthcare events for corporate employees. Partnered with a number of health organisations, it is a leader in its industry.

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