Scott Patrick Carson, a business development, marketing, sales and management leader with more than 30 years of experience, and Healthcare Investment Advisors, a growth orientated company with extensive expertise in organic growth and expansion acquisitions, today announced that 2013 was a banner year for the company. Carson lead the team to examine over a hundred potential deals during the year, while successfully facilitating the deployment of tens-of-millions in capital.

“We’re proud to announce that 2013 was a strong year for the company, during which we continued to focus on investing in leading growth companies, while helping our portfolio companies make informed decisions and company-building connections,” said Scott Patrick Carson, Partner at Healthcare Investment Advisors. “We are committed to continuing our success in 2014 and our team is ready to provide world-class talent and insight to owners and management teams that other investors simply cannot match.”

With even more opportunities on the horizon this year, Healthcare Investment Advisors is focused on continuing to make sound investments while sticking to its core principles:


The Healthcare Investment Advisors approach is centered on providing the necessary assistance that a company needs to be successful. Examples include acquiring 100% of a company when it would benefit from the capital and resources of new ownership, providing liquidity to struggling family-owned or over-leveraged companies, and providing growth equity to companies that want to expand operations. Other areas of focus include non-traditional asset backed loans, DIP and prime financing, secondary market loan purchases, and many other special situations like distressed debt and restructuring. With Healthcare Investment Advisors, portfolio companies will receive the support they need to grow their business.


The company has access to significant resources and high-level contacts around the globe that can be leveraged to help portfolio companies make timely, insightful and strategic decisions that will lead to long term growth and new opportunities.


The Healthcare Investment Advisors team has years of experience in starting, growing and investing in leading companies across many industries. This enables the company to provide insights to owners and management teams that are unmatched in the healthcare space and can lead to unprecedented growth and success.

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About Scott Patrick Carson

Carson has more than 30 years of marketing, business development, sales and management experience. Most of his career has been focused on the medical equipment arena. He is a seasoned speaker, having presented on various topics at numerous industry trade association seminars. Carson is a true, successive, entrepreneur. In 1996, he founded Denver-based US Medical, Inc., a leading distributor of capital medical equipment (CME) to the healthcare industry. Started in his basement, US Medical emerged 5 years later as a member of the Inc. 500.

Carson was named a finalist in the Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award competition in both 2000 and 2001. In addition, US Medical was named among the Inc. 500’s fastest growing companies in 2001. During the course of his career, Carson developed expertise in finance, raising millions in equity and debt financing for his companies as well as helping these entities grow through acquisitions. It was his reputation and the success that enabled him to attract high-level senior executives in the healthcare arena to join his growing teams. Carson’s business acumen and financial savvy enabled him to forge many exclusive, strategic relationships with distributors and medical manufacturers. One of his companies was named a “Company to Watch” in 2001 by both of Denver’s daily newspapers.

About Healthcare Investment Advisors

Healthcare Investment Advisors’ core strategy is to buy or develop growing businesses, partner with outstanding management teams and increase value for investors. We do this through a combination of operational improvements, internal growth initiatives and strategic acquisitions.

Health Care Investment Advisors focuses on growth-oriented companies and has significant experience investing in various business cycles, with a strong understanding of the fundamentals of growth companies, with a particular expertise in organic growth and expansion acquisitions.

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