Website Live Energized shared how a person can make one of the best alkaline diet recipes that is very effective. With the diet that one takes, he or she can enjoy a magnesium smoothie for the best health.

“Magnesium is critical to almost every function in our body — yet our modern diet is absolutely devoid of this highly alkaline mineral,” the website Live Energized stated. “What starts as twitches, little spasms and restless legs can quickly escalate, developing slowly and un-noticed beneath the surface before suddenly erupting as a serious condition.”

The ingredients for this smoothie as one of the best alkaline diet recipes are easy to find. One just needs to prepare avocado, kale, cucumbers, spinach and swiss chards. Homeowners should also find small almonds, pumpkin seeds, navy beans and almond milk to add more texture.

It is very easy to make this super magnesium smoothie by Live Energized. Simply mix all the ingredients together in the blender. If people want to use affordable ingredients, they can use filtered water instead of milk, or work with various quantities depending on the budget.

“This smoothie is substantial and will keep you full for a long time — with the combination of protein, fat and fiber, the satiation equation, [and] you will be kept going for hours on a glass of this!” the website stated further.

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