An article on Reader’s Digest online provided tips on the nutrients that the body needs to treat nails that are brittle, dull, flaking, soft and more.

Nail care and digestion are two different things but they are related to each other. This is because the health of the nails can be reflected upon the food that people consume.

Weaker nails are caused by lack in iron intake or iron deficiency according to the Reader’s Digest article. Remember to eat any of these to keep fingernails in the best health. Some of these foods include fortified cereals, spinach and tomatoes, eggs, bell peppers and many others. Other food sources include scrambled eggs seasoned with green bell peppers and red bell peppers.

For those people suffering from softer set of nails, it is not iron deficiency this time but lack in keratin. The article noted that keratin is a kind of protein that contributes to giving the nails a harder finish. Some foods that to eat are mackerels and salmons, lean meat and a sufficient amount of poultry.

For dull nails, there are food sources that are rich in folate. Folate is an essential vitamin B that can be found from legumes, lentils, spinach, beans, peas and other green leafy vegetables, Reader’s Digest noted. Meanwhile for people with brittle nails, fatty acids in the diet can help you treat this problem. The article mentioned adding some twist over the smoothie drinks or oatmeal each breakfast to treat these, by using ground flaxseed or flaxseed oil with these breakfast meals.

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