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What are benefits of kombucha tea for the health? If one is looking to brew some kombucha tea, it is important to know that it entails great and intensive testing for the right pH levels, such as using HealthyWiser’s pH test strips.

Kombucha tea or otherwise known as Manchurian tea can be brewed through a very easy process that only requires less time, some of the most found kitchen tools, good tips and basic knowledge about the process.

According to a website named, proper care for these kids of mushroom and tea can provide long lasting benefits for the health.

“This wonderful tea culture has been brewed for thousands of years in conditions a lot less sanitary than today’s standards,” the website stated. “The tea culture is self-preserving and can even go into a dormant state for a length of time. Brewing your own tea is one of the best ways to provide yourself with a low cast, daily healthy tonic available any time it is needed.”

Kombucha teas are known to provide benefits that can promote a good health and well-being among its takers. But there are guidelines that need to be followed when checking its pH levels.

Website Home Grown Collective, says the best pH levels for Kombucha tea is a blend of both personal safety and personal tastes. Experts have indicated that making your first Kombucha tea using the common recipe will need you to use around 80 to 90 percent regular tea which tends to be sweet and has pH levels higher than the final product.

“This is why we add that start tea that Kombucha starter tea to your initial brew, why? Because if you left regular tea, just sweet tea out at room temperature, guess what’s going to happen?” Home Grown Collective pointed out. “Right, you’re going to get mold, you’re going to get pathogens, it’s not going to be pretty….”

Same goes with preserving other food items, the website noted that Kombucha tea need to be preserved within the acidity level that is perfect for use and consumption.

One of the best ways to do these as suggested by experts is test the pH levels of the Kombucha tea when they are bottled, consumed and taken in, and during the time when they are being made.

How can HealthyWiser’s pH test strips help to complete these processes? Because this product provides very accurate results of pH levels of products and any liquid, they can be just as perfect for Kombucha tea pH testing. Similar to testing drinking water, simply place some pints of the tea over the test strips, wait for the color changes and compare them with the color chart on the packaging.

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