Several customers expressed their liking for HealthyWiser’s TDS digital meter when testing their water sources. A recent YouTube video shared how HealthyWiser’s TDS digital meter was used to test various kinds of water.

The YouTube video uploaded by user Kalynn Dresser showed water samples tested. These water samples are city water and some brands of bottled water. The user showed how HealthyWiser provided him with information that he did not know prior to using the device.

“Without this meter, we would never know that our bottled water, is in fact, worse than our city water which smells like a swimming pool,” the YouTube uploader stated in the review. “Being able to test for salt content is an important ability, regardless of you are in the home or in a lab.”

The review noted how HealthyWiser’s digital TDS meter came with an EC or conductivity mode to measure the salt levels in the samples. This feature provides a great tool for understanding the salt levels of the spring water, well water and city water.

There were certain things that this user came to know when he started using the TDS meter. For one, he expected the city tap water to be worse than the bottled water. However, it turned out it is the other way around.

“Overall, this was a super easy meter to work. You literally just pull it out of its leather case, take the cap off, turn it on and dunk it in the water and compare the digital results to the paper graph,” he shared. “It does have an auto-off feature so if that happens just turn it back on and it stays in the exact mode you had it in.”

About the HealthyWiser TDS meter with EC

The HealthyWiser water testing kit is a professional TDS meter with EC testing for all the consumer needs. This digital meter has been used for water purification applications, waste water systems, hydroponics, laboratory testing, swimming pools, water spas and more.

“HealthyWiser’s Professional TDS, EC and Temp Meter comes with a lifetime warranty providing damage is not from misuse or improper operation of product. Unit is not watertight and should not be stored in direct sunlight or high temperature locations,” the company stated on the Amazon page.

About the company

As a rising brand in the field of skincare, cosmetics and personal health, HealthyWiser aims to focus on providing innovative health-friendly products that are enriching to people and their environment in the United States. For more information about the TDS EC meter, visit their Amazon page.

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