There is much more to HealthyWiser than just being a brand for personal health and wellness. HealthyWiser’s pH Test Strips have reportedly helped a color cancer survivor and patient monitor her health when it comes to pH levels and her daily health condition.

Through a review written on Amazon, a woman shared her experiences with HealthyWiser’s pH Test Strips as they assisted her mom after battling with color cancer.

“I ordered these pH Test Strips for my mom. She has gotten into checking her pH levels after her battle with color cancer when she stumbled on to an article about pH levels and health,” Amazon customer blankie85 wrote. “She uses them by dipping them in her urine but they can be used with urine or saliva. My mom uses about four strips a month (weekly checks) so the 100 count will last her for a good while.”

She added that the human body needs an ideal pH level of around 7.4 to stay healthy, along with diet checks. She also commended that the product can also be perfect for measuring pH levels of fish tanks and pools.

“You don’t have to necessarily use them just for health reasons. I thought it was pretty cool that they could be used to check soil when you’re having problems with growing or the taste of fruits and veggies. They are simple to use and read,” she further stated.

Consumers love their benefits

Stay at home mom with three kids Kellie also shared her experiences with HealthyWiser’s pH Test Strips.

“I purchased these strips to find out the ph levels of my homemade lotions,” Kellie wrote. “I am just starting to make them and with anything that uses water as an ingredient there is a need for a preservative to use and hoping to use the most effective more natural way to have my own body care products without the unnecessary chemicals that come from store brought, and I can make them at a fraction of the price.”

Others have also used it to test the pH levels of their gardens.

“I got the ph strips mainly to help me with my patio gardens, to make sure I have the right soil ph for each type of plant. I am satisfied with these strips. I have used them to test urine. These are very easy to use, and to read the results,” said ammcs410 on the Amazon review.

The review also noted the directions found on the bottle, which is easy to use especially with the printed chart to compare the results with.
About the company

HealthyWiser is a rising brand in the field of nutritional product manufacturing and cosmetics in the United States. The company has made a statement with their products in the market. These revolutionary products are offspring of the 21st century which is now considered by many professionals as some of the best products.

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