Heasc is recently out on a mission to combat a harmful bacterium that causes serious health damage to residents, especially among children and elderly people. With neglect and improper plumbing, mold has become a major issue especially in indoor spaces. The harmful mold development is a direct effect of the frequent tsunamis, floods and cyclones that affected multiple places across the nation. 

This harmful bacterium finds healthy breeding ground in places like damp walls, unhygienic and damp carpets, porous building materials, decomposed wood materials lying around in the residential vicinity, etc. The widespread storms have infested the air with molds. These living particles are easy to spread and with natural calamities like tsunamis, it spreads like plague, which is made worse by standing water that lasts for weeks. In addition to this, the widespread dead and wounds are also healthy breeding grounds for deadly molds. Widespread molds in the air can be toxic. Extended exposure to such an alarming level these organisms can even cause death and fatal asthma attacks. 

Heasc has upgraded all its equipments to combat the deadly molds that have spread far and wide as a result of multiple natural calamities that the country has witnessed over the past years. It is unfortunate to note that most mold removal companies still continue to use its usual equipments which are incompetent to combat these deadly molds. The widespread and sudden deaths recorded especially in disaster struck areas are mostly because of the exposure to these molds. 

This nationwide Company is on a mission to reach out to even the remotest places in the country with its high tech equipments to remove dangerous molds. Most homes indicate the presence of molds. It is frequently the cause for the unexplained allergy reactions among residents. Timely mold removal is necessary to protect the health of the family. To gather more details regarding Heasc kindly visit http://www.heasc.net 


Heasc is highly specialized in combating growth of deadly molds in many disaster struck homes. To help protect the health of residents, the Company offers flexible schedule to cater to the needs of clients. Keeping public health as its top priority, the Company employs only top certified staff to do the job. 

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