British - The latest report has told people that the UK will probably not achieve its carbon reduction targets. The UK Climate Changing Committee has criticized of the inappropriate investment for the heat pump. The has also noted that the heat pump has become the key point for British to achieving the goal of carbon reducing.

According to the survey of the Committee for Climate Changing, the United Kingdom currently has not fulfilled its third and fourth carbon reducing budget. There is the suggestion from the Committee that the British Government must develop and implement policies and measures to achieve additional emission reduction commitments.

From the survey of website which is the high quality heat pump heat pump manufacturer for all kinds of heat pumps such as air to water heat pump, water source heat pump and ground source heat pump, people should know that the Committee for Climate Changing in UK has already called on the government to renewable heat incentive scheme which should be extended to the home field. On the other hand, the government of UK should also ensure the capital adequacy by 2015. Currently, the incentive program for heat pump products such as geothermal heat pumps is very inadequate.

Currently, the low-carbon heating in building is in low proportion. In 2012, the proportion of the low-carbon heating was only 2 percent. The number is much lower than the proportion of 12 percent by 2020. However, the investment in heat pump is very limited.

The report from the commitment has already stated that the heat pump such as air source heat pump has been realized the key to the future carbon budget. The low description for pump applications in the English has shown that the incentive plan for this kind of mature technology is inadequate especially in the field of home applications.

The Committee has also noted that the government should introduce more policies to address the financial and non-financial aspects of the various barriers to promote the application of heat pump products such as dual source heat pump, superimposed source heat pump.

Now, it seems that the higher initial investment costs are the main barriers to the air to water heat pump application of the heat pump system such as air to water heat pump. Accordingly, the Committee recommends that the combination between the green-traded funds and the RHI would be the best solution for this problem.

However, the application and promotion for the heat pump such as heat pump and air to water heat pump has already become the mainstream for the low carbon trend. This technology would give people on the earth more benefit in the future.

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