Heath Ledger’s Joker is Faizan Khawaja’s inspiration for Ru Baru


Playing a character very different from your own personality can be challenging sometimes, but Faizan Khawaja proves otherwise. Currently seen playing the role of Sarmad in the much-loved Ru Baru, which airs Monday to Saturday at 9:00PM on Zindagi, Faizan has us hooked to his performance! In the show, he plays the role of a disturbed boy who marries his stepsister to seek revenge for the death of his parents and everything he has been through.


Despite the character being diametrically opposite from Faizan’s personality, he has managed to play this part impeccably. The actor recently revealed his inspiration to play this character to perfection. It’s none other than the legendary character The Joker, played by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight.


Faizan said, “Sarmad and I are very different. He is a very violent and loud personality where as I prefer to be calm at all times. For this character, I drew inspiration from Heath Ledger’s character, The Joker, in The Dark Knight. I have always been in awe of The Joker and Sarmad was the perfect role to bring my inspiration to reel life”.


This incredible actor is also going to be seen making his Bollywood debut soon in Zeenat Aman’s son’s film called Bankster…Zindagi wishes him well for all future projects.


Catch the small screen superstar, Faizan aka Sarmad in Ru Baru, which airs Monday to Saturday at 9:00PM only on Zindagi