Companies should provide a safe work environment for their employees. When they don’t they are liable for any injuries obtained by employees. This is exactly what happened to Bobby Beasley, whose story is told at . As Beasley was working on the floor of the Mayflower Vehicle Systems, his leg was injured. Even though Mayflower knew that steel sheets could be dislodged from their resting place, they stopped the practice of securing the steel sheets with straps. So, when a fork lift struck a rack containing a stack of steel sheets, one became dislodged and struck Beasley’s leg causing a severe fracture.

The entire incident could have been prevented if Mayflower Vehicle Systems had continued with safety practices of securing the straps to the steel sheets. Because of their neglect, Bobby Beasley was unable to work for over a year as a result of his injuries.

Beasley contested that Mayflower was aware of this safety concern due to the fact that steel sheets had become dislodged previously at the factory. He also stated that after his injury, Mayflower retrofitted all of the racks containing the steel sheets with safety lips in order to keep the sheets secure. Therefore, Beasley alleged that Mayflower was previously aware of the safety concerns and fixed the problem, albeit a little too late for Beasley.

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