Everyone prefers to have a reliable and safe water supply in their home. A few homes receive fresh water from the corporation, whereas, the others may have to use filters for consumption of healthy water. However, to be on the safe side, it is advised to install water filter housings in your home, as often the water by the corporation may prove to be unhealthy and smelly. However, drinking boiled water is though safer, but it is not at all feasible for large families. There are many who even use bottled water, but then, again it’s generate a huge amount of plastic garbage. In such situations, on installing such comprehensive water solution system, you can enjoy safe and purified water. Along with these filter housings; you can also get branded fixtures such as John Guest fittings in the market. Read on to know more about the filter housings.


Water filter housings are normally fixed to the residence’s water feed. A plumber or a builder can place it in the well house or any other place where you are likely to place several filter housing. A series of varied types of filter housings can be placed to absorb the contaminants before you utilize the water. The best thing about these housings is that any sort of filters can be placed in them. However, when choosing these filters, there are a whole lot of considerations that needs to be taken like the contaminant type and the water flow. However, when fitting one of these just make sure that quality installation supplies such as John Guest fittings are used.


The water filter housings are generally available in four basic ranges. This includes 2 ½” diameter in 10” and 20” lengths and 4 1/2” diameter in 10” and 20” lengths. Remember, the larger the diameter the faster would be the water flow rate. The 4 ½’’ housings are often referred to as big blue because of its size and shape. For a big home, it is suggested to purchase the larger ones. The company who provides such housings also offers good installation supplies such as, the John Guest fittings. Hence, you will not have to wander about in search of quality fittings.


You can install any type of filters in these water filter housings. Out of all, sediment filters are the most preferred ones. This is because of its great usability that allows capturing dirt, silt and sand in an efficient way. Second to this, stands the Granular Activated Carbon filters, which enable to remove the chlorine and the smelly organics from the city water and the well water.  Hence, if your water tastes terrible and has a strange smell, it is recommended to install GAC in your home. When installing these you must look for the best of fixtures such as, John Guest fittings, so that the filter housing is able to work properly for long. Well, if you want to look for some other filter options either look at the websites or visit the company personally.



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